I would Run and Swim and Fly to reach my dreams. But I just need to get out of bed and pull myself together! i get lonely and sad sometimes. I don't know why, I can't help it. I try Not to. I feel i have My Creativity and My desire to learn and Hunger for life consumes my Mind and my Heart and Soul every second of the day, it is all i ever think about. I want to achieve great things, a lot of things i could be proud of and be remembered for..If only i wouldn't be distracted by 'silly' 'shallow' things from all around me---I need to LIVE this Life like the perfect dream, Live forever through things i achieve and make like some "Goddess" of Love, Beauty, Knowledge, Art, Poetry...With All that i am still a 20 something girl-woman living in 21st century struggling with the daily grind, I am the perfect DramaQueen, Always expect weird moments with me...and there are two sides to me. It's either i never stop talking or I am catatonic and silent for 3 years...Yeah, I think too much. :D